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Acai Bowls Direct was born after we noticed the huge amount of money we were spending trying to eat healthy Acai bowls 3-5 days per week.  With a family of 3 our average trip to get Acai was costing an around $30-$35 dollars per visit.  We knew the benefits of eating Acai; we also knew that not everyone in this economy could afford such a beneficial meal.  We became obsessed with the idea of making the Acai bowls experience affordable for the everyday American family.  After countless hours of research, visiting countless Acai suppliers, investing our life savings we finally  figured out how to make  Acai Bowls Direct a reality.
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These small, dark-purple berries are the fruits of Acai palm trees grown in Brazil's Amazon rain forest. These delicious berries are packed with antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids. Acai berries are also known as the "Beauty Berry," as they truly do the body good from the inside out! Acai berries increase your energy levels, boost your immune system and metabolic function and are beneficial for your hair and skin. Not only is this superfood good for you, it tastes delicious too!!!  Makai Acai packets contain 100 grams (3.5 oz.) of wild-harvested, premium organic Acai. These packets provide a perfect and convenient way to make Acai bowls or smoothies in the comfort of your own home or office, at a great price!

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acai bowls direct has made breakfast so much fun. We look forward to getting up in the morning.

Tammie & Bruce

I love the fact that I save a tone of money each month while enjoying the best Acai!

John West

I think I am addicted to these bowls.

Kathy Ynez