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We invite you to take a journey through the Amazonian Rain-forests, meet some of the local people and share their love of the imposing natural habitat and the life-sustaining exotic fruits that can be found there. In our quest to bring you premium and certified organic quality fruits such as açai, acerola, cupuaçu, camu camu and many more, we have made a commitment to the local communities to preserve their way of life and sustain it for generations to come. Our business is to serve our wholesale, food service, and retail customers while serving the planet and preserving it’s natural wonders. Everything mankind needs for life can be found in the Rainforest we cannot take without giving back The fruits of the world’s Rain-forests are a unique representation of their exotic settings. Lush, prolific, striking and exciting, each one of them has its own special place in the lives of the people who gather them.   .
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The Western world is only just beginning to understand the multitude of functional food and beverage benefits and culinary options that these fruits have to offer. We take our lead from the local people. They have a living relationship with the Rainforest, they know exactly how and when to gather the fruits. They use each fruit for a multitude of purposes – sustenance, health and income. They waste nothing. We have a lot to learn from their prudent economy and traditional culture. The mission of Makai Fruits is to facilitate a sustainable supply of fruits from the Amazon and other exotic locations around the world to fulfill the growing demand in the global marketplace. It is imperative that whatever we harvest from these precious places we ensure that we maintain the natural balance of the area to replace or cultivate a continuing supply of their natural resources. At the same time, we consciously contribute to the economic stability of the local population. Our goal is to introduce sustainable and self-sufficient business models in all the areas that we do business. We operate fair trade practices and have a positive impact on the regions and their populations!

What People are saying about Makai Acai

As I harvest Makai Acai in the rain-forest, I am thankful that Makai Fruits company is here to provide us jobs for our families.
I love helping this company!


I know that Makai is making the best Acai available because I have worked for the other companies. This is the best Acai that you can buy !


I am so blessed that Makia Fruits gives me their Acai caroco seeds so I can make my jewelry to help support my family.
Gracas A Deus!